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Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity Definitions and FAQ
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Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity Definitions and FAQ

The information on this web page is influenced by other web sites with glossaries and FAQs. It ought to be noted that lots of LGBTQ+ terms do not have alignment that is complete might have various definitions and nuance in numerous communities. This is certainly a glossary of terms with some broadly accepted definitions.

The reason why for developing a Gender and Sexual Orientation Identity web page into the GitLab handb k

  1. Numerous businesses, such as the HRC, have actually placed thought that is careful work into just how these delicate ideas are explained with clarity, fairness, and respect. At GitLab we have to leverage this work.
  2. Including it as readable content as opposed to directing to a website that is new these details is searchable inside the handb k for those who are searching for responses along with making parts straight linkable from somewhere else within the handb k, in dilemmas, slack, etc.
  3. GitLab has employees from about the world, where in fact the language utilized could be different. This provides all workers the chance to establish a standard language framework to aid produce a healthier, supportive, and environment that is inclusive.

Extra resources

  • GitLab Ally Resources
  • Variety, Inclusion and Belonging at GitLab
  • Human Rights Campaign web site
    • HRC Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Definitions
    • HRC Transgender FAQ
  • The Genderbread Individual
  • A comprehensive a number of LGBTQ+ term definitions
  • Our company is Family Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Glossary of Terms
  • NYU LGBTQ Terminology
  • UC Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center Glossary
  • Things not saying to a trans individual


Sex identity

An individual’s interior perception of these very own sex plus the terms they normally use to label on their own. (suite…)